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Optimised fuel- and bed material system for biomass and waste fuels

  • Dosing screw for fuels with equalisation
  • Pneumatical fuel feeding
  • Open nozzle floor
  • Screening and precipitation of big ash parts by the bed ash system

Optimised air and flue gas system

  • Controlled composition for fluidising gas consisting of air and recirculation gas
  • Two different levels for secondary air
  • Controlled profile of combustion chamber temperature

Dosing system with equalizer and injector

  • Dosing system for fuels up to 300 mm feed size
  • Precise and equal dosage
  • Pneumatical fuel feeding
  • Burn-back protection by temperature control, negative pressure and volume flow of transport air
  • Burn-back valve is open by normal operation
  • Additional burn-back protection by water sprinkling


Open nozzle floor

  • Open nozzle floor suitable for discharge of big particles up to 300 mm
  • Low pressure drop
  • Optimised equalisation of primary air

Pendular discharge

  • Mechanical bed material discharge
  • Continuously recirculation of bed material to combustion chamber
  • Pneumatical screening



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last update 04.06.2014