TBU Stubenvoll

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TBU offers optimised overall concepts by:

  • solid plant engineering
  • advanced procedure for combustion and gas cleaning
  • reliable components

for new plants as well as for the optimisation of existing plants.

The company has designed and realised trendsetting technologies in the following fields:

Stationary fluidised bed combustion for thermal utilisation of:

  • Biomass
  • Waste fuels with high heating values
  • Combined conbustion of waste fuels and sewage sludge

Rotary kiln plants with afterburning chamber for:

  • Industrial waste
  • Abattoir waste
  • Hospital waste
  • Mixed hazardoes waste

Gas cleaning plants:

  • Spray absorber for semi-dry gas cleaning after waste incinerators
  • Optimised overall concept - spray absorber and baghouse filter - for small scale plants
  • Single - and multi - stage scrubber for waste incineration plants

Pyrolysis plants for production of burnable gas from agricultural waste products such as straw


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